Build a Bed with Free Plans

Build a practical and rugged bed for the kids in your life, or create a cozy haven for yourself with free bed plans. Bedtime will turn into fun time with a great bunk bed or boat-shaped bed for children, while adults will enjoy relaxing in a stylish poster bed that can be customized to fit your décor.

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Bunk Beds

How to build a simple bunk bed that is rugged.



Toddler Bed Plans

Plans for an easy-to-build toddler bed that costs $35 to build.



Pencil Post Bed

Material list and diagram to build a pencil post bed.



Kid’s Storage Bed

Kid’s Storage Bed

This is the perfect bed for any child's room as it offers a place to sleep plus six drawers for lots of additional storage.

Little Fireman’s Bed

Little Fireman’s Bed

Give kids a place to play and to sleep using this plan for a bed that is designed to look like a fire station.


Build a Boat Bed

Build a boat-shaped bed that has lots of storage.



Buy Bed Plans Now

Free plans are nice, but if you want to buy a bed plan instead, check out the variety listed below.  Individual bed plans are available as well as books.

Bed Plans


    Indulge yourself in our finest quality bed plans. These assortments come straight from one of the country’s top artisans.


    Classic Bed Plans   Classic Bed Plans

    A rough and tough design and highly durable, these beds will last for decades without needing any kind of maintenance.

    Classic Bed Plans

Bunk Bed Plans

Murphy Bed Plans


    Vertical Mount Murphy Bed Hardware   Vertical Mount Murphy Bed Hardware

    This intricate bed serves as attractive furniture in day time and a cozy bed at night.

    Vertical Mount Murphy Bed Hardware

    Rockler's Murphy Bed Plan   Rockler's Murphy Bed Plan
    A side mounted hardware design that plunges down for a bed and can also be used to store different items.

    Rockler's Murphy Bed Plan

    Side Mount Murphy Bed Hardware   Side Mount Murphy Bed Hardware

    If you have little space to play with, then this is your option. It’s a simple yet comfortable folding bed.

    Side Mount Murphy Bed Hardware

Futon Bed Plans

Futon Couch and Bed Plan   Futon Couch and Bed Plan

Make a bold fashion statement with this impressive futon couch and bed plans.

Futon Couch and Bed Plan